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Miles & Miles of Beauty Astounding

There are few places in the developed world where people are able to live intimately with nature in it's most elemental and awe inspiring forms; where there is true freedom in a land of no beaten tracks; where it is possible to be alone with wildness and where every footstep is a journey into a world of colour, texture and life. I consider myself uniquely privileged to have grown up in one of those rare places - the Lewis moor where I spent my childhood summers. This unique landscape has been at the heart of my work for over thirty years.

I have adopted Mamba as an acronym for the moor because it can be described as miles and miles of beauty astounding. Mamba has the sound of a dance - the rhythm of life itself.

The Mamba series, is a visual dance through the history and nature of the moor. I have created images incorporating photography, watercolour and drawing, blended with the tapestries that include colours hand-dyed from the mosses, lichens and plants of moorland.

Mamba Artwork by Alice Starmore